Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Matilda is HEEEEEEERE!!

Many thanks to my daughter Sasha for bringing me the package on her way home from work! She hung around for the debox, too. Warning for those sensitive to these things (and why would you be? It baffles), there is doll nudity at the end of the pics.

Speaking of the debox:
The obligatory mailing box shot. All the way from the UK in TWO DAYS. DHL rules.

First up, the winter cloak. This is gorgeous in the box, I could almost display it by itself. But I won't. Matilda needs it, it's cold outside!

The masked ball dress and accessories. The presentation here is really nice and lush.

The truly snow-white nightshift and cap.

Ohmigosh, what's under the tissue paper? I pulled the paper down reeeeeeeeally slowly to savor the anticipation. And then we whisk that paper away to find:

I was actually struck speechless for a moment. She's even more beautiful than I had expected. Look at that face, and the hair, and the dress! I think Frances and A Girl for All Time read my heart for this doll. She's perfect.

Wow. A large, real, serious wow.

When I caught my breath again, I looked at the well-made keepsake box. Here is the back.

The side of the box. Very elegant.

The outer box is like a slipcase, and the doll is in a separate open box inside that. See the lovely corded carry handles! I usually pitch doll boxes, but not this one. I'll put her clothes and such in this.

Here she is, ready for all the fasteners to come off so she can stretch her legs and move her arms! So I undid all those. There are several wires and plastic strings, but they're easily disconnected once the tray inside the inner box is detached. She's well-fastened but not excessively so. And no, I didn't take pictures of that, because it's boring. Thus sayeth I.

Here she is, loose of the box fastenings and turned around.

She looks a bit disheveled here, even with her French hood  on her head, but I had just undone those wires and plastic strings, after all. Her skirt's crooked and her hair needs a tidy, and there's time for that later. The dress is two parts, bodice and skirt with overskirt, and is luscious and well made.

Here are her hose and shoes. You can just see her underpants and slip.

And here are her smallclothes, ie, underwear. The underskirt is sheer.

Here she is unclothed, so you can see the body and joints. The blushing on the hands and feet is lovely, and her fingernails are shiny. Not polished, just healthily shiny. She is strung and the joints are round and very moveable and poseable. Her head moves as naturally as a doll head can; she can tilt her chin, look askance, be haughty--much more of a range of motion than in a twist-only head. I didn't take her necklace off, I was afraid of losing it!, and its quality stands up to the best doll jewelry I've seen.

Back view. What a cute little butt.  Hee! ;D

Close up! She really is just beautiful, her skintone is creamy and smooth, the vinyl is translucent and has a good hand, and the eyes are very engaging. I may have chosen a different type of eye--these are threaded--but they have depth and sparkle and are a lovely shade of blue. I am so pleased and happy to have her! Welcome home, Matilda!!


  1. Oh, she's gorgeous! I love her clothes, too. Damn you, for adding another doll to my *grabbyhands* list.

  2. You lucky girl!! Her wardrobe is divine and I can not wait to see the other dolls in this line as they are ready.

    The packaging is amazing as well. I will be using some of these photos in my post at Doll Diaries about the dolls.

  3. I hope the pics are good enough for that! I plan to take more pics tomorrow at the other house--more windows, better pic staging--but they won't get posted until evening.

    She really is amazing, and the clothes really are well done. I'm going to have to do some research on period clothing to make some everday country things. Oh, no, research Tudor era stuff, oh woe! Muahahaha. ;D

  4. I like this one very much! Maybe I'll get to see her in person sometime.

  5. She's going on some photo ops, definitely--I need to put her in the Cathedral of Learning in front of that 1st floor fireplace. I'll let you know when I'm in Oakland.

  6. Have fun with your Matilda!

  7. Where did I put my(foot long) birthday list again?

  8. I'm getting Matilda for Christmas but I was wondering about her dress quality. In Harrods where I saw her today the press studs gaped at the back, do you have this issue? Another a girl all time question is that Amelia's hair seemed dry and not nearly as nice as Matilda's. Did you encounter this? Thank you :)


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