Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 59 of 61 days of Martie

Hi, Jack.
 Oh, hello, Martie! How are you? Any plans for this cold evening?

No, no plans, just supper and read for awhile before I turn in. May I ask you something?
 Sure, anything, fire away.

Why do you wear suspenders and a belt?

That's a silly question! To keep my pants up, of course.

Really? Because I hear you like to take your pants off. A lot.

You're not going to dinner with me, are you?

Not a chance, Cap'n Pants.

Note, as I've been asked: Jack is a Tonner Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness, in the likeness of John Barrowman (he wishes), with a superhero body, which fills out his clothes well but isn't very posable. Martie is, of course, a Tonner Disney Princess Rapunzel with blue glass eyes added by the amazing Jim Dandy.


  1. ROFLOL! Score for Martie. Though he could say it makes it that much more fun to get his pants off...

  2. haha, I needed this. Thanks!
    Also, I kind of really like that sculpt. Jack Harkness?

  3. nonniemous: I'd be really surprised if he hadn't thought that himself. Martie shut him down pretty quick, tho. ;D

    supernonamegirl: Yep, Jack Harkness! I heart him like mad, we'll see more of him, I'm sure.


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