Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 38 of 61 Days of Martie.

Sometimes you just have to let your hair down.
 And sometimes you just want to have everything neatly tied up.


  1. Ahahaha. As someone with long hair, I really appreciate this post. I can just feel the relief when she lets it down.

  2. SO much hair! And it always looks so nice! Mine would be in a clump the second I took her out of the box. I'm cursed with hair! lol

  3. Yep, MaryKate, I've had hair to my butt, and I know the "ahhhhh...." when the ponytail comes down. I'm letting it grow again--I doubt it'll ever get as long as Martie's!, but waist-length is a decent expectation.

    SeaChell425, *hee*! I've finally learned the tricks to doll hair, but I have to confess, sometimes Martie's hair goes in more directions than I have words for! It gets wound around her hands, and waist, and legs....The secret is patience, a spritz bottle!, and a wig brush. But mostly patience!


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