Friday, December 16, 2011

Comparisons of Matilda and 2 other vinyl-body dolls.

I was asked to shoot a couple of comparison shots between A Girl for All Time's Matilda, and my Carpatina Kohana. I added my Hearts 4 Hearts Girls Consuelo for additional comparison. Matilda is 16", Kohana is 18", and Consuelo is 14".

Left to right: Abby (My American Girl), Consuelo, Kohana, Matilda. Here they all are clothed, on a NOT-level surface. Matilda insisted we start with her dressed. She's rather modest. My American Girl Abby wandered by, and Consuelo invited her to join them. I assured Abby she didn't have to take any clothes off, as she's not all-vinyl.

Consuelo is not one bit shy. Matilda looks rather traumatized. You can see that Kohana's and Matilda's upper torsos are similar, but Matilda is just a bit smaller. They may be able to share a few items of clothing such as t-shirts. Kohana is a bit chubbier in the belly, and her legs are longer, than Matilda. Consuelo can share some things like loose tops and dresses with an Ellowyne Wilde body, to give you a better idea of her size.

Consuelo and Abby started a conversation about unicorns, elves, and Santa Claus. I'm still not sure what the connection was, but it kept them occupied. The height difference between Kohana and Matilda really shows here. Isn't Matilda's hair lovely?

Sitting: Consuelo's legs splay, Kohana's not as much, and Matilda sits very, very nicely, and is quite relieved to have her underthings on again.

Matilda and Tonner Galadriel are the same height, but couldn't be more different otherwise.
I hope this helps for those looking for comparisons. I intend to get measurements for Matilda soon, so look for that sometime in the next week.


  1. Matilda looks so sad and beautiful! I'm definitely thinking of getting her.
    Thanks for sharing cloting ideas for the hearts 4 hearts line. My niece and I have these dolls and wish they had more than one extra outfit each.
    Merry Christmas!


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