Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In which Jakks Rapunzel gets a new face.

The before was a post from yesterday, a pic of Martie and my newly-arrived Jakks Pacific "Tangled" Rapunzel. Very nicely made doll, very frightening clownish face paint. I wiped the paint off (with nasty chemicals), and started on a repaint. I didn't take her head off, because I couldn't assure myself I could get it back on!, so I had to work with the entire doll. She's not totally done--she still needs eyelashes, and when the paint dries I'll have a much better idea of how she really looks--but here's how she looks right this minute (and I just now see that her upper lip is a bit uneven):

For comparison, here's how she came to me again:
Bit of a difference, yeah?


  1. Wow, that's a big difference. She looks curious now instead of surprised. And the lips look fine, even crooked. ;-)

  2. I fussed with the lips a bit more, better now. I think she's going to look even better with "real" eyelashes. Pics laters.


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