Thursday, November 3, 2011

In which I blather on about doll shoes.

Just a btw--my husband Kevin refers to all my dolls as "baby dolls" or "babies," no matter how old in age they appear to be. N'awww. At the local scifi con in July, I carried my Kaye Wiggs Nelly (a bjd SD faun--she has goat ears and hooves for lower legs) about, and during a convo, I had to use the necessary. I handed Kevin the doll and said "Hold the baby a minute." When I'd gone, his friend Mary gestured to the doll and said " Yeah. What's *this* all about?" 
Nelly in clover.
The point of this post, however, is actually Martie's feet, or, more specifically, shoes. The Tonner Rapunzel is on an Ellowyne Wilde body with smallish flat feet. Remember, Rapunzel in "Tangled" was barefoot for the entire movie, so heeled feet weren't going to work for this doll. Problem is, though, that Ellowyne shoes don't work on the Rapunzel. I tried Tyler flats from the convertible foot Tyler, but those are just a *titch* too small. I didn't feel right leaving her barefoot all the time, either, especially with winter coming. (What? The doll looks cold, I feel cold. Misplaced maternal instinct in overdrive!)

I contacted TonnerDoll, and bless 'em, they tried to find workable shoes for Martie, but other than the little slippers that come with her (I bought her nude from Jim Dandy, so didn't have those), they didn't have anything. Really, she *was* designed for bare feet, after all. I can grok that.

So I pulled out my doll shoes and started trying them on her to see what I had that might fit. BJD MSD shoes=much much too large, as were Kish 14", and oddly enough, 10" Ann Estelle shoes (length was good, but too wide). Finally I got a pair on her that fit--Yo-SD bjd boots, *if* they're narrow. I also had a couple pairs of Ellowyne sneakers with foam heel wedges that work well once I got the wedges out. 

This leaves Martie with boots and sneakers, and that's it. Despite my own dress sense (what dress sense? Sweatpants and a tshirt, puhleeze ((I'm home all day, shut up))), I am going to put Martie in some spiffy dresses as I make them, and they don't always look right with sneakers and boots. 

Two Bleuettes in my collection.

But hey! A little while ago, I was packing up a few dolls headed for the new place, and looked at a Bleuette's shoes....(google Bleuette, if you don't know her--addictive as crack, I warn you)...then I looked at Martie. 


Now, mind, Bleuette is 10" and looks like a pleasingly chubby toddler, and Martie is 16" and looks like a slender young teenage girl, but they have the same size feet. The proportions just work themselves out. I'm really pleased, because there are many many many Bleuette shoes available, and Martie can now add a few pairs of decent MJs and flats to her wardrobe.

My own shoes? Honey, I haven't worn shoes in over a week, but I have sneakers, boots, and Birkenstocks, which I often wear *with socks*. So now you know. ;D


  1. Thanks for the info! I was just wondering, how long are Martie's feet? I've noticed there seem to be a few Bleuette doll shoe sizes and I'd like to make sure I don't get a size too big or small! I've really enjoyed your blog by the way. Thought you should know. ^.^

  2. Hi! Thanks! Martie wears a 45mm shoe, and her feet are narrow. Some Bleuette shoes are fine on length, but bulky when they're on because of the width.

    1. Oh , I see...thanks for letting me know! I'll find a way to make sure they're okay. :D Again, thanks!


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