Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doll ponderings.

This will probably strike doll people as a step backwards, but I've been thinking seriously of selling off a lot of my resin BJDs and hanging on to the vinyl fashion and child dolls. OMG INOrite?!? Certainly not all of them; I have a few resin BJDs I wouldn't trade off for anything (Creedy Melodi and Shani, Goodreaus, Kim Lashers, Wiggs Nelly, PukiPukis and PukiFees, ROBIN!!). My collection and doll-jonesing is going a different way and I'd rather rehome a lot of these dolls than just ignore them. I know a few of them could go for some crazy money on eBay, and man, that's tempting, 'cause I do love me some crazy money. I'll keep updating re: this, and if I list dolls for sale, I'll post them here also.

Meanwhile, here's my latest acquisition, a bit out of my usual as I'm not a Barbie collector:

I gave some thought to selling this one, too, because I could easily get twice what I paid, but I don' wanna. She's prettyful.

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