Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 29 of 61 Days of Martie

Entirely too cute for this early in the day. On the left is the JakksPacific version of toddler Rapunzel. I think she's adorable, and doesn't need a repaint like her older JP sister did:
She looks much happier and calmer than she did when she arrived:

I was really thrilled when Doll Diaries featured repaints and my girl was included. I spent all day on Oct 31st remaking that face! I think she looks better in the pic above *with* her eyelashes, tho; Doll Diaries hadn't seen that pic when they posted. For the record: OMG I love those drugstore false eyelashes that come in little pieces! Took longer than strips, but I wasted (and swore) a lot less when a mistake meant one small section and not the whole strip.

Why am I so chatty? I haven't even had my caffeine yet!

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