Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28 of 61 Days of Martie.

Martie and a Rapunzel sister, a Disney store Tangled special edition I got on eBay. She has sparkly hair! SPARKLY HAIR!! I modded her the tiniest bit: she originally had "glamour" eyelashes that looked like a very startled tarantula's legs, and after thought, I trimmed them down to a more attractive length (like I care about collector value--I'm the collector, thank you). She's one of the few dolls I've gotten that I don't think I'll redress, because her costuming is exquisite and I actually don't want to mess with it. There's a rarity for me. My son insists she can't hold a candle to Martie, but I think she's stunning in her own right. She'll be a real center feature in the Rapunzel Corner.

I saved a little starflower piece of one of my other "Tangled" Rapunzel's boxes that says "Featuring RAPUNZEL!" and I'm going to put it on the front door on my otherwise-tasteful Hobbity "The Doll Room" sign (No One Admitted Except On Dolly Business) (Absolutely NO Sackville-Bagginses!) (Leave All Packages with Wizard).

We're still prepping to paint the doll room, btw--Kevin's very exacting about that, and as he's doing this room absolutely the way *I* want it as an act of  love, I'm not fussing (too much) over the prep time. Tonight I'm going to the house to sand the walls, then we wash down the woodwork and such that have collected a lot of dust and grime over the 26-plus years Ann lived in that house. THEN, I am assured, THEN we will actually paint! The walls will be a light lavender; the woodwork, frames, and doors will be a nice darker purple; and the ceiling an off-white/lavender blush. THEN the dolls come in to live, and THEN the workroom and computers are set up, and THEN beds and there we are.


  1. She is stunning in her own right--and that dress is gorgeous.

    I love how you have your priorities in order: First, the dolls, then the people. ;-) I think we need a certain FB group gathering next summer.

  2. Priorities, indeed! Heh! The doll room is first because the dolls have taken over the first floor of the Latonia house, and a lot of the rest of the junk is my sewing and workroom stuff. Then Kevin's photography and computer stuff, then Sam's Gundams and clothes, then....we're trying to clear out the Latonia house in an order that makes sense. So there. ;P


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