Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 22 of 61 Days of Martie

Today we went to the National Zoo! We got a very late start -- I couldn't get Kevin and Sam out of bed until around 10 am, then showers, then .... we got there around noon. We closed the place down, tho, and I got these shots in before my camera battery died. Oops.

What are we going to see first? We came in right by the Big Cats.

And the prairie dogs! I never saw prairie dogs before. They look like fat rabbits with little people ears.

Charlie liked the owl bas-relief.

"Martie! Get out of there! There are lions right behind you!" This picture was taken a couple of minutes after Martie tumbled off that rail onto the pavement. I'm grateful she didn't get any scratches, just some dirt in her hair. *whew*

The sign said "Do Not Climb." So Martie climbed. There are young lions in the enclosure behind her.

Second star to the right, bear, and straight on 'til suppertime!

Can you see the chameleon behind Martie?

There he is! But his name isn't Pascal, alas.

Is it a dragon?
After this, we saw snakes (seriously. huge. snakes), then red pandas, then GIANT PANDAS! Sam was very excited, he'd never seen pandas and he was very taken by the red pandas (no relation) as well. We also saw cheetahs, zebras, orangutans, elephants, a clouded leopard, a fishing cat, otters, and a sloth bear (not a sloth, just a big bear with sideways ears). Quite a day.

Kevin took a lot of pictures, and a couple with Martie, so you may see those later in the week when I get a chance to look through everything.

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