Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 21 of 61 Days of Martie.

What? What time is it?

OHMIGOSH! Today is Going-To-Museums Day! Smithsonians and ART!!

What should I wear? I want to be comfortable, and look good, and be warm enough, and...

....and this will do nicely! Mix of Bell-Bottom Blues, Winter Blahs, and a nice handmade sweater.
 Now we have a selection of a *lot* of pics I took today. I had to miss some good opportunities because there were either too many people crowding around an exhibit, or the guards prohibited it (like the entire National Portrait Gallery....). I also got a lot of shots of neat stuff without Martie, and someday I'll post those somewhere.
Outside the Air & Space Museum. I almost slid off!

Outside the National Gallery of Art.

The Natural History Museum. I'd better move, that elephant looks kind of miffed.

This isn't the Guardian of Forever? Oh, a meteorite! I see.

The Hope Diamond. Charlie wanted to take it home, but the guard said no. Meanyhead.

Now, THIS is a tiara fit for a real princess.

Is this an exhibit? It isn't? Well, then...what's it for?

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