Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 20 of 61 Days of Martie

After a loooong morning of appointments and errands, we finally got on the road just after lunch.
Buckle up, and we'll be off!

We stopped at a little place with a store and a diner all together. We got Cokes, and snacks, and. Uh. Used the potty. Ahem.

Lookit, I'm OVER the highway!

Neat, huh?

Over some rivers and across a highway, la la la la la.....

Actually, we're at the Sideling Hill Scenic overlook, just past Cumberland MD. I'm told it's very dramatic in early autumn. Now it's just kind of brown.

Let's get going again! *BEEP*BEEP* I'll spare you the next three hours, it was all driving and DC traffic jams. *grumble*

AND HERE WE ARE! These pillows are bouncy and wonderful.

But nothing interesting to look at out the window after dark, alas. Maybe in the morning.

May we have supper in the room? Pleeeeeease? I found the menu!
And five minutes after supper....Good night!!

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