Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 17 of 61 Days of Martie.

I love my UPS guy. Not only is he kinda cute and nice, he always brings happy things. My postal carrier, while really very handsome, frequently brings me things that make me go off on rants and throw pity parties. But the UPS dude is aces, especially today, because this:

Oooh,  packages from TonnerDirect!!

Here's the 20th anniversary of Tonner documentary, and a lovely card of a flippin' gorgeous Tyler. That was in the padded envelope.

And inside the shipping box!--another shipping box. I know, some folks are box collectors, but honestly, this drives me bananas. And makes it take longer to get to the goods, awwwyeah. Lookit, another Tyler card!

Disney? We don't need no stinkin' Disn .... oh, wait. In this case, we do.

And who might this be with all that hair and purple princess gown and all?


She really does look different from Martie. I'm looking forward to getting some comparisons to see just what Jim Ash modified in the painting as he replaced the eyes.

I just noticed she's casting a reflection on the DVD case to the left. That's a nice little bonus effect.

Together again, for the Very First Time! My utterly beloved Martie, and her sister, Zella! Welcome home, Zell!


  1. Her face is beautiful, I like the sort of dreamy look at she has with the painted eyes.

  2. You should take more pics of Zella and Martie together! ^.^ they're so cute!


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