Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 14 of 61 (or 62 or 63...) of Martie.

I'm going to keep calling it 61 Days of Martie, I don't care how many days there really are in it! Thus we may have Day 62 of 61 Days of Martie. And I can live with that.

Martie and I (and my son Sam) went to a Joann's fabrics this afternoon to get some necessaries. I've been to this Joann's a kajillion times, but when we walked in, we found that the store layout had changed!
Oh, no, it's all different! Well, now how do we find all the things we need?
We remembered the list, at least--that's going to be a big help now.

But won't Holly think it's a box for her toys?

This would be very pretty braided into my hair!

Martie picked out some charms for her holiday necklace.
So many choices, so little time!
We found everything we needed, plus some extras, of course. Off to the Walgreen's for milk and other useful stuff!

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