Sunday, October 16, 2011

In which we take Martie hiking.

The rapids at Ohiopyle PA, just before the falls.
 Let me make this clear: I hate hiking. Hate. It. Kevin and Sam were insistent that I get out of the house, that's where they were headed, and I thought, fine, I'll take Martie along and get some pictures.

Here's a scenic overlook near Ohiopyle.

Same overlook, toward the highway.

Martie got blown out of this tree by a very sudden and strong gust of wind, so I didn't get the shot I wanted. This one, however, seems to sum up her feelings about the incident.

Safely back in the car, away from the blustery bluff, when I notice she sustained a small scratch under her chin, near the flower on her sweater. One of today's projects is to *gently*gently* buff that scratch down.

We went up the Cascades trail. I now officially bloody hate that trail! Uphill going there and coming back! Do Not Like!
However, we found some pretty cool moss-covered boulders.
And ferns.

And some fallen trees and loose branches.

Then we went down to the nice flatter area near the falls...

The rapids were beautiful just as the light was beginning to fade.

Thank goodness there weren't blustery winds down here!             
For the fashion conscious, Marti is wearing the Ellowyne Wilde outfit "It's Only Me," her shoes are the EW "Adrift" shoes (without the interior foam heel wedges), and earlier she's wearing a hat I bought on eBay.


  1. Well, for all that you hate hiking, you got some lovely pics of Martie. Which doll is she, anyway?

  2. Thanks! Martie is a TonnerDoll Rapunzel, modified by Jim Ash to have glass eyes in place of the painted eyes she had originally. I *adore* this doll, she's my current favorite.


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