Friday, October 21, 2011

In which a newcomer is impossibly tiny.

Someone new came to my house today, after waiting for months to meet her:

Sweetie, we want to see your pretty face. Don't be shy.

Yes, I know the flash is bright. We'll get pics in sunlight this weekend. Now uncover the other pretty eye.

Ohmigosh, I've seen moths bigger than you!

Comfy now? You need your rest after that long trip.
This tiny precious thing is a Flora from Dream High Studio, by Danny Harijanto, and is a sold-out pre-ordered edition. She's 7 cm tall, glows in the dark (a blue tint), has a lot of itty-bitty joints, she has two headcaps (one floral, one plain), onyx eyes, and petals for her feet, and orchid magnetic wings, and OHMIGOSH SHE'S SO TINY I CAN'T STAND IT!

There will be more, and much better, photos, when I can figure out how to adjust my camera to take in her tiny glory properly. If I can convince her to wear clothes (unlikely!), I'll probably have to sew them right on her.


  1. too, too sweet! I wanna see her glow in the dark (though I'm sure that's impossible to photograph). What's her name?

  2. I might be able to get a pic of the glow, but I'll have to play with it to get the light right. So far I call her "OMG YOU TINY LITTLE THING!" but clearly that isn't workable! ;D

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