Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In which I show you some dolls.

As some of you know, at the moment I have two houses: the one I live in with my husband Kevin and son Sam, and the house left to me by Ann, my mother, who died in January. We're in the long, slow process of moving from this house (smallish, will sell it) to Ann's house (much much bigger). Once we're moved, my dolls will have their own room!, and I'll have a smaller room as a workspace. I've been working on fixing up the dollroom first, as my dolls are....well, they're taking over here, and The Boys are feeling a tad crowded. If I get the dolls and accompanying *stuff* to the other house, space clears up here and we can get to the business of clearing and moving.

So I spent the day yesterday at what we're still calling Ann's house, moving, clearing, rearranging, etc. I come into the doll room (Ann's bedroom) to see this:
Kanani! Ann Estelle! Whatever has happened?
 I look up to see their shelfmate, A Tonner Katie Toddler, like this:
She looks both guilty and unrepentant, and admitted nothing. Toddlers. *shakes head*

Toward the end of the day, I decided to take a few pics of the girls currently on the shelves. These dolls are NOT artfully arranged!, too many of them have messy hair, many need doll stands and their shoes, a couple of them are in need of clothes, and as I get the rest of the dolls in, there will be more shelving, more dolls, and more pics.

I got these girls back on the shelf peacefully. I hope. Tonner Katie Toddler and 18'' Ann Estelle, Candy Anderson Daisy repro, American Girl Kanani. Sitting: a Madelyn Baughman Daisy, rewigged, wearing a chemise and overdress that I made just for her.

A cloth doll I haven't finished, Gregg Ortiz's Once Upon a Princess (of course she took the chair...), Ruby Red Galleria Charmette, Madelyn Baughmann Daisyette, Ruby Red Bleuette, Kaye Wiggs Koneko and Cinnamon, and a Charlie Riley wooden jointed doll, also with Charlie Riley jammies. PJs will be a recurring theme, in case you haven't noticed this yet.

Kidz-n-Catz Tinka, Carpatina Kohanna, and two Best Friends Ink dolls.

Madame Alexander Heiress Elegance Cissette (who will be unboxed), and the ever-fabulous Tonner Miss Piggy, looking as though she's just coming in from a hog-wild party.

Charisma Candy Fashion, a Cissy whose box name I don't know (hiding behind Candy!), the ONLY flat-footed MA Cissy model, Karito Kids Piper, Gotz Sissell Kille ballerina, and a Tonner Fashion Designer play doll. Sitting: a Hasbro Lorifina.
Evangeline Ghastly Visiting Frogmore, Everlasting Evangeline, Jonquil basic brunette, Paulette Goodreau Elise, Ennui, Tea, and Me Amber Stanhope, Prudence Moody wigged Out, Too. Sitting: resin Evangeline Ghastly A Cautionary Tale (faceup modified by me), and an Antoinette Mannequin Cameo.
Hearts to Hearts dolls Lilian and Dell, Michael Walsh Sharmistha bjd with Charlie Riley faceup (crummy pose for her, I apologize), and two MA dolls rescued and redressed by Eva Summers.

I told you my collection was eclectic, and I haven't even gotten to the teeny-tinies and BJDs and Ellowynes and Tylers and Kimberly Lashers and more Paulette Goodreaus and Berdine Creedys and....yeah, I've got a lot of work to do, still!


  1. Did you see much of a difference between the resin and the vinyl Evangelines? I've wondered if a resin EG would be worth it, and I do love both of the models they have out right now.

  2. Yep, there's a difference, not least that she's 2" taller. And the eyes can swap out, change wigs, etc. I found wiping some of her faceup a *lot* easier than the vinyl. the real difference for me is that the eyes are smaller than the vinyl, so she doesn't look as much like a crazed anorexic as the vinyls.

  3. Dang. I may be tempted to get one in the long run, then. The resin is comparable to a "normal" BJD? I guess I just didn't quite trust their resin; I don't know why.


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