Sunday, September 25, 2011

In which Robin and Sophie go to the woods.

Yesterday we went to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, saw some cool stuff, bought a knitted snood, and generally had a nice retro time. Kevin took lots of pics of the performers and such, and I just looked for little photo ops for Robin, my Fairly LittleFee Elf Ante, and Sophie, my Tonner/Effanbee Mary Engelbreit, erm, Sophie (what? She was named well the first time). Sophie's a little camera shy, but not Robin--the term "center of attention" was coined for her, I swear. Later I may post some pics of the performers and all, but for now, here are the girls!

A NOTE--I made all of Robin's clothes! She has the dress sense of a 3 year old, but she is, after all, a 3 year old.

On the way, at last, after a slow start. What? It's Saturday, after all.
Yertle's job is to hold down the air bags until we need them. At least, that's what we tell him, as it's important to feel useful.

The girls have their own little pocket seat in the door.

SQUEAL! We're here!

Robin has a dollar and a Tootsie Roll in her bag, so she's ready to go. My talented felt artist daughter, Alexandra Riley, made the strawberry bag. Turns out that elves get free admission! Bonus!

Where shall we go first? To a show, of course!

We're watching that guy blowing fire out of his mouth. I think Sophie's a little scared of him.

I held Robin up so she could see the audience. I think it was more so that the audience could see Robin.

Mama, he really did blow fire outta his mouth! I wanna do that! (My reply: NO!)

The grounds were muddy, so I convinced them to play on the rocks and not in the lovely squishy flower bed.

But the sun came out after all! Robin adopted a monkey, named George (she names everything George). Sophie is holding out for a dragon.

Just a quiet moment. Ain't they cute?

But we're thirsty!

Imma climb this tree!

I finally got Sophie to sit for a picture of just her! Triumph!

It's a snood? Is that another word for bed?

I guess it is a bed, after all.

Whenever Kevin gets around to getting his pics in order, I'll post a couple of the *completely insane* fire-blowing maniac. ;D

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