Thursday, September 29, 2011

In which I realize I've been online a lot.

I seem to be twittering myself stupid this week. Well, not stupid, it's been a lot of fun, actually. The delightful Kevin at @tonnerdoll on Twittler got a few of us raving Tonnerites on a group chat Tuesday night--everyone was welcome, a few of us got it going, and it's been on and off #dollchat since. LOADS of fun, and we have a few experts in various niches of the dolly world.

I spent Tuesday at Ann's house (gotta start calling it *my* house), making strides to get the doll room (Ann's bedroom, for those who know the house) in some usable shape so I can get the doll clutter out of this house, to get started on getting all the clutter out so we can move. I moved, by my own self, a 5-foot sideboard (oh, look it up), cleared 4 bookcases, and moved those bookcases into the room. Three of those are full of dolls, but I'll be reorganizing those as the rest of the room is set up. I am, as a result, very stiff and sore, and once again reconsidering the evolutionary utility of walking upright, as my back is still in pain.

I hope that made sense, I'm not editing it. ;D

Today, I'm nursing a nasty headache, and finishing up another review for the TonnerDoll blog of the wigged basic American Model, which I adore. I need to get the pics together.  I meant to take pics at the less-messy Ann house, and brought everything I needed with me.....except for the camera. D'oh.


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