Friday, September 23, 2011

In which I celebrate autumn.

I. Love. Fall. Love it! Cooler temps, crazy leaves, nothing's spewing pollen, the sunlight isn't harsh, that lovely warmth when the furnace kicks in, and did I mention cooler temps? 'Cause I love that part. LOVE IT!!

I am a Tonner Blog Author!
If y'all knew just how much I love Tonner dolls, you'd know how excited I am about this.  I'm very gratified by the "Great photos" in the title that Tonnerdoll wrote -- Kevin (my husband of, what, 22 years now?), bless his semi-professional art and landscape photographer's heart, once told me I'm a not-very-good photographer. *frowny face* To be fair, at the time I was using an old digital camera that we found at a Goodwill for five bucks, and those Chicago work trip photos on that were pretty crappy. However, I have a Canon something-or-other now (why would I know? It's red and it takes nice pics)(edit: it's a Nikon CoolPix S8000), and learning how to actually work the thing has helped. Plus, that doll is just so unbelievably CUTE that I think it would take real effort to get a bad pic of her, and I'm much too lazy to go to that extreme.

Today is writing another Tonner review and getting pics of the doll, sewing, dishes (...always...), and spending so much time goofing off on the intarwebs that none of that gets done. Ta-daaaa!


  1. Nice review! And It'll be 22 years in December.:-P

  2. Thank you! And we've been together so long I often say 24 years.


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