Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In which I am guilty of blog neglect.

Sad but true, I haven't posted in what seems like yogs. I've got a lot of STUFF going on in my family life, and creatively I've been a bit blocked. Or I'm in an idea-gathering stage. Or I'm lazy. Or all of the above.

I'm working on a write-up of the doll/bear convention in Philly in May, which was *amazing* and wondermous and I got my name around and talked to a lot of dollmakers I'd only ever read about and saw (sometimes touched) dolls I'd seen only in magazines and on the intartubes. It also intimidated the living hell out of me, and gave me a low-level artistic existential identity crisis. Yay? I'm really really glad I went, though; it was a great experience all around, and if it left me thinking hard about what I do and why, all the better in the long run.

Today I'm dealing with more of that family stuff, which is ongoing for the foreseeable, then home to stitch up more doll clothes until my damn major mojo comes back. And maybe a nap. I've been alternating between Bleuette outfits and things for 18" dolls, specifically a repro Kestner 171 Daisy I've fallen in love with; she wears American-girl-ish sizes, so there are tailoring adjustments. I just finished a deceptively complicated reversible overdress and chemise that I hope to get some decent pictures of to post here.

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