Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where did the week go? I want it back! Wait, no, I don't.

This past week has been rather trying. Not overly difficult, just messing with my patience and motivation and energy, none of which was high when the week started.

The Art All Night show was a huge hit, mostly because of the bands and beer that Saturday night. I dropped off my faery girl early Saturday afternoon, accompanied by my daughter and her piece, and didn't go back until pickup on Sunday. Thus, as it was unjuried and unjudged, I have NO idea how my piece was received, except for one little clue--a fabric rose in her headband was uncoiled, just a bit, and clearly not by getting caught on something. I imagine a small child was curious and wanted to touch. I'm okay with that.

We did stroll around at pickup, tho, to see what hadn't been claimed yet. I can say one thing with confidence: my piece was one of the most colorful things in the show. Oh, the ANGST! Oh, the self-conscious IRONY! Oh, the POLITICAL or SOCIOLOGICAL STATEMENT! *beats chest and tears shirt* Gimme a frakkin' break.

What happened to art being beautiful, or pleasing, or inspiring? Or involving, let's say, skill? The needlework things I saw, save mine, my daughter's and one very nice kitschy apron piece, were horribly stitched, with big uneven childlike long running stitches all over everywhere, just very badly executed. A supposedly profound piece, called "The Dinner Party," was four mannequin heads with scruffy wigs sitting on mismatched dinner plates inside an old phonograph record cabinet. That kind of thing makes me bugshit annoyed. That's not art, that's a drunken frat boy playing around in a Goodwill. *fume*spit*

*deep breath* Okay. Better now.

I'm working on some things to take to the doll and bear convention in Philly next weekend. I'm technically a collector attendee, not a recognized artist (that'll change for next year, awwyeah), so I can't really be selling stuff.....but I sure can bring along some killer examples of my work and hand out a blue jillion cards. Damn right I can. I need to settle which dolls I'm taking to model the clothes, and which bear or two that I've made that are good enough to show off. In case, you know, someone might care to order something when they get home. You betcha.


  1. Awww Threads - So ProudMost ya sailin Ons to da PhillyMosts! Gotta Updates ons yer Prettysomes! I be Missins Yer Inspirin Newses!!! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  2. OooOOooh! Tiggs! I haven't posted about that great Philly convention! I gotsta do that! It was FRABJOUS and I even won a gorgeous gorgeous alpaca OOAK bear in the draw. And I met so many people OHMIGOSHNESS. Judy Brown is loverly, tell the Hittys! I'll make a long post in the nex' coupla days, pinky swears!


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