Friday, April 8, 2011

Rebecca, for the first time.

This is Rebecca, my custom-made full-figured resin bjd from the workbench of Michael Waltz in Milwaukee WI. I chose her resin color, approved the pieces as he cast them, and did the faceup. I'm uber-pleased with how she's turned out.


  1. Oh WOWZ! She Be's AWEsome!!!

  2. Eeeeee, Tiggy, thank you! *happy dancins*

  3. I want her! Only I want an MSD sized full-figured gal. Do you know if he's getting enough orders to make her viable?

    Bang up job on the faceup!!

  4. Thank you! I had to do one, wipe it, and do it over to really get what I wanted, because I wasn't all that sure what she really looked like. She's my buddy now.

    Email him and see what he's got cooking:


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