Friday, April 1, 2011

Look, Maman, we have a lotta patterns, here, so git goin'!

Bleuette Colette 1

Yes, MA'AM!

There are also 50+ years of patterns for Bleuette on the interwebs, but I am *so* not telling her that.

Her name is Colette, btw. She kinda popped out of the box and took over. And she looked so mild and demure on her sales page. *sigh*

Disclaimer: I didn't make her dress (if I had, it would be much better made). DDE got her to me so fast I haven't had time yet. @_@


  1. What an April Fool's gift. Hey, do you know if there's much difference between ordering from the maker and ordering from someone like Denver Doll? I'm looking at a Souldoll Fafner, and debating where to order her from.

  2. Denver Doll takes care of customs and the shipping is a quarter of the cost of sending something directly from anywhere in Asia, except Hong Kong. So in the end run, DDE Is cheaper.

    Colette showed up last week, actually! I hadn't had a chance to debox her until Wednesday, with the estate fussing (and who thought this shit up, anyway? All this paperwork and regs and legal nonsense makes grieving much much harder) and Sam's stuff (seriously, it really would have been quicker and easier to do it myself, but then I'm trapped for decades instead of 3 weeks).

    I did order another Bleuette straight from Ruby Red in Hong Kong, tho, 'cause that particular one's nowhere to be found in the US.

  3. I never thought about the paperwork aspect of things, but wow, that would make it so much harder. FIE on regs and paperwork. As for Sam, I did the same thing with my kids; made their costumes when they were too young to do it for themselves, and made them do it themselves as soon as they could.

    I can't say I find the Bluettes appealing, but you always manage to make a doll look awesome so I am withholding judgment. *g* The history aspect of them is pretty damned cool, I have to admit.

    As for DDE, yeah, that's about what I figured. Some folks on DoA are insisting it's better to order from the manufacturer, but I can't really see the point if I don't have to. I'm dithering over another MSD sized doll, anyway. I'm going to have to go way down on my Delilah to sell her--so far that I'm thinking of just keeping her clothes and donating the doll somewhere. She's served her purpose. But what I want is a BJD that will wear the Marley sized clothes, and there just doesn't seem to be one out there. Anyway. Sorry for dithering in your blog. *g*

  4. Isn't dithering what blogs are for?

    I'll post another pic of Bleuette when I can put her in Charlie-mades. Holy carp, that's my new label name! ;D She really is adorable, no kidding.

    I vote keep the Delilah clothes. When I sold mine on, I included the vampire get-up and kept the rest. I put her on eBay with "make an offer," which worked aces. People love feeling like they're haggling!

    The only reasons I'd order direct from the company would be if I want a special order, or I just can't find the particular item with any US sellers. I don't quite get why paying more and hassling with customs is seen as more desirable.

    Hey, have you looked at Junky Spot? Email Emory (he's the owner) and ask for a recommendation. He loves to natter about this stuff.

  5. Blogs are for dithering, true. I wound up ordering the doll through DDE, because I'm familiar with them. And Junkyspot is on my list of "regular" websites that I check, but he's yet to have something in stock that I want when I want it.

    I'm not getting much action on the Delilah just in my blog, but I figured trying to sell her as a fullset wouldn't work. However, I did want to try. Now I'm going to keep the jeans and all, and I think I'll try your idea about make an offer. I'm also considering offloading my Tonner Alice and the Esme, just because I'm not bonding with them--i.e., sewing for them. Paia has eaten my brain, and my Sleeping Elf Mina is in transit, at last!

    Charlie-mades is a wonderful brand name! And I will look forward to seeing your Bluette. I loved that outfit the "Persian" girl came with.


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