Sunday, April 10, 2011

In which I risk losing fingers.

So. I got my Hitty basswood blank and woodcarving knives in the mail the other day. Whoot, gonna try to bring the inner Hitty right outta that piece of soft wood! I got the tools out tonight, managed to gently carve off the saw markings (I could've sanded it, but I wanted to get a feel for the knives and the wood), round out the feet, and start on one hand.

I didn't actually hurt myself, but the potential is HUGE for major self-mutilation. I'm not the most dexterous person except for needles, thread, paint brushes, pencils, and/or writing instruments. Considering how I have a real talent for hurting myself while cooking, washing dishes, closing a box cutter, then on the closed box cutter...I dunno, y'all. Maybe I should hire out the carving, then do the painting myself.

Alternatively, I do have a really nice pattern for a cloth Hitty that I'd bleed on much less.


  1. You should not under any circumstances be allowed near sharp objects, or even objects that are sort of sharp. Safety scissors are sometimes a stretch I think.

    You break unbreakable plates, you've got a real talent. :-P

  2. I'm genuinely excited that I had that knife in my hand for almost an hour and still have all my fingers.

  3. Jeepers! TiGGy sent me over Right Away when she saw this! Absolutely Essential is a Carving glove for the hand holding the wood, and a Thumb guard and maybe an index finger leather covering for the hand w the knife! Yipes!

    Send me an email and I will send you links, or see if you have a "Woodcraft" store in your area as you can try these on for fit there.

    Please wait to carve till you have these - else TiGGs is gonna Cite Ya's!

  4. NoooOOOOoooo no citations, I's be good now honestness! Jeepers indeedies! All I was doing was playin', honest. ;D

    We do have a woodcarving store fairly close. OHMIGOSH we also have a quilt store I didn't know about until yesterday! *squeal*

  5. Oh, PS--Watch me have all that gear and still cut m'self! I really am that bad. I've done damage to myself with those preschool plastic scissors. I should be wearing bubble wrap snowsuits everywhere...

  6. ROFLOL! And Paia would adore you, and jump on you and all your bubble wrap--totally negating your safety precautions.


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