Monday, April 11, 2011

In which I hit the wall.

Woodcarving is NOT my medium! I thought hard about the basswood blank for Hitty, and realized I just don't bloody want to carve the damn thing. I'm glad I decided to experiment a tad, but this particular art form is not for me. I'll cheerfully decorate wooden things, and have a blank doll trunk on the way to finish for my Bleuettes and in-transit Rosette. Carving wood? No, I don't think so. I've asked a friend if she wants the basswood blank for her own nefarious purposes.

I'm keeping the knives, though.

I found a bisque shoulderhead Shackman wood jointed mannikin in Ann's doll stuff (along with some compo dolls that make me nervous; I ordered some compo cleaner from Dollspart). I investigated whether it'd be worth selling on eBay....and no, not really. Bastards must have made a million of the things. The only one I found that went for over ten bucks was a dressed one--and that went for twelve. Not worth the bother and fees. I guess I'll dress her and find a nice display niche when we move into Ann's house.

I'm still working on the dress I had in my workbasket Friday when I posted that pic here. I foolishly decided to do decorative top stitching, which takes time. It'll look great, but ugh, these girls need jammies, by golly!, and I'm still working on last week's dress.

My husband called me a Human Sewing Machine this morning. Good? Bad? Doesn't matter, it's true. ;D


  1. And you're trying to suck me into the Hitty craze! I like her, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay for one just yet. A sewn one sounds cool right now.

    As for "not my medium", hey, we never know until we try, right? What are you going to do with the knives?

  2. Might be something Hitty-related in the mail for you soonish, but you didn't hear it from me. Hmm hmm hmm la la la....

    That's how I see it--how was I supposed to know until I tried it? I've got some vinyl heads from JunkySpot on the way, and a couple of elf fairy girls to "reborn"; the knives come in handy for slicing vinyl. And my hands.

  3. Oooh, you know how to tease me. That doll you sent the link for this morning was gorgeous; I like the idea of her, for sure.

    Which "elf fairies" are you reborning? (Can I use that word as a verb? Oh, wait, I just did. ;-)

    I need to find a head for a Delilah Noir, if I can, one my son's girlfriend can paint and play with. (She took my girl home with her last night. Though I have to say I was selfish and kept most of the clothes I'd bought for her. They'll fit my incoming Soulkid.)

  4. Elf fairies...they're Elawyn and Elinor from Adrie Stoate's reborn collection. They look like teenage fairies when they're done, about 2 feet long. I did an Elawin in November, I know I posted about her on Facebook--go lookit my pics there. Also, .

    I think it's lovely the your Delilah went home with someone who wanted her! Take the girlfriend to a thrift store, get her some nekkid Barbies, and show her how to wipe them and paint. She can get a lot of practice in for any doll that way.

    Don't 'spose you'll let me know when...Whoops, I mean IF-- you get a mystery somethin' in the mail? *hides smile in shoulder*

  5. Good! Because I was a bit nervous about you and knives. . . ;-) The only doll I still have is a big Kewpie doll. It's probably not worth anything, though.

  6. Yeah, Kevin and Sam weren't too happy about the knives, either. Sam sat near me with his eyes VERY wide on Sunday night!

    That Kewpie is worth good memories, honey, which is the best reason to have it.


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