Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In which I decide she's finished!

Here's my painted and reassembled doll, hair in place, waiting patiently in the sewing basket for me to finish her dress, bodice of which she is wearing:


  1. OH WOWZ!!! You made the Xenis Doll Kit!!! I have so been wanting to try that - Omg, she is Gorgeous!!! You did an Amazing job on her! Ooooh Love the dress you are making too - how moveable are her joints? I am dying to know more about this kit!

  2. OMG the Xenis kit is fabulous! The head is smooth and just sculpted/contoured enough that it helps instead of hinders the painting. There's instructions, with a painting tutorial, which just ended up frustrating me, but is good for a real beginner. She poses really well, too, with a natural sitting pose and arms and legs that go in all the right directions. She's spring-jointed, so her pose holds beautifully. I pose her, she stays rock-solid posed. The standing isn't as great, the weight is off with her big noggin, I think, but I've got my second one in a doll stand, hanging like she's fluttering about, and she's very well-balaced for that! (Yes, there wil be pucs.) Nutshell review? Worth the $$$. I ordered a second before I even started the first, and am pondering a third.


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