Sunday, April 17, 2011

In which I come to an understanding with wood.

Yes, you all have naughty minds re: the word "wood." I heard you snicker.

I got a kinda 'spensive sumthin that I'm so pleased about it makes me giggle: the doll kit by Xenis. I. Love. This. Blank. Doll. The body is super-articulate with spring joints, all the carving is done! (yes, that's worth triple-digits to me), she's about Bluette's size so I don't need a whole 'nother set of patterns (...dammit! *snap*) and the wood is gorgeous and has an amazing hand. I've been sketching out faces, and hope to get started on the painting tomorrow. I've got a crummy cold, tho, which is sucking energy, so we'll see. I'll try to take pics as I go, but I'm very bad about that; I get into what I'm doing and don't even think of the camera.

Tonight I'm working on Bleuette jammies, sneezing and coughing, and drinking a lot of fluids. ;P

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