Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of course.

I found my camera charger as soon as I put a replacement in my Amazon cart. I didn't have to actually buy the replacement, so the threat to replace it seemed to be enough to make the original one show up.

Also, I stayed up laaaaate to finish the dress for Heather for which I had to make a replacement bodice, as the first one was lost. Guess what I found about ten minutes after I came downstairs this morning. *facepalm* I guess Heather now gets two similar dresses with different skirts. @_@ Hey. You don't suppose she hid the first....naaahh, that's impossible. But I'm keeping an eye on her. Yeah, I'm watchin' you, kid.

Today I made two teensy dresses for a friend's teensy dolly, and have started a romper for Bleuette. Sooner or later I suppose I ought to make supper. Maybe.

Also? It's raining Hittys at my house! More on that later in the week.

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