Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday, Saturday, Better-Wear-Your-Hatterday!

Actually, I should wear a hat, it's miserably sunny out there. I have an invisible label across my back: Do Not Expose Subject to Direct Sunlight.

The Art All Night show is tonight!!, and my daughter-grup and I are leaving here around noon to get our pieces in by the 2 pm deadline. Wish us luck that a) we actually find the place, and b) we have the cojones to hand over our art for public viewing. I don't know if I can stand to come back to see the show proper, I'm so bleedin' thin-skinned, especially as I'm submitting a purty happy fairy dolly instead of something ugly and slapped-together and ironic. Which I worked on for a week, including painting the face and wings from my own original drawings, making the clothes and accessories, arranging the wig and hair, and putting it all together on a labeled doll stand so she looks like she's fluttering. No big deal. *thunks head on table*

Photo later, after the show opens. No sneakie-peekies.


  1. TiGGy is flitting about in ExCiteMost fors Ya! She said she will be there bonking judgeies over da Heads for Ya's!

    "Stay TrueMost To Yer's Inner Muse"

    Thus Spaketh TiGGs.

  2. So lets it bes writed! So lets it bes did!


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