Thursday, March 17, 2011

My own fingers work better than Singers!

Okay, I don't have a Singer machine, I have a Kenmore. But still.

My son, who's into cosplay and anime, is working on a costume for Tekkoshocon (large-ish anime convention here in Da Burgh, in 2 weeks). He asked to use my sewing machine. I set it up, showed him a couple things, and off he goes. Only, not so much. He spent more time swearing and using a seam ripper, then decided he was so angry he had to leave it for a while. I finally figured out what he was doing wrong--involving the ever-contentious relationship between bobbin and top thread--but he was too frustrated to go back to it last night.

My workhorse Kenmore is a bit older, but computerized, and it does some pretty fancy stuff. I bought it because it has the power to go through 6 layers of denim (I make handbags). All he needed, however, was a basic straight stitch on a basic white cotton shirt, and the setup for the machine was too involved for his patience level.

I may buy a Janome Sew Mini for stuff like that, for my sake as well as his. I don't use the Kenmore for doll clothes because those sturdy serious feed dogs eat those little pieces like *NOM*NOM*NOM* *FEEDMEMOAR*! I love hand sewing, but for things like longer seams and hems it takes too long to finish any pieces to make them saleable: no one would pay what my handsewn work is worth, and I don't get many pieces done in a week.

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