Thursday, March 31, 2011

In which the cosplaying boy finishes the damn thing.

Yay, the Costume of Much Stressing is done, and Tekkoshocon is this weekend (starts this afternoon). I get some peace and quiet and can work on my own stuff until Sam starts fussing about costumes for the Rocky Horror shadow cast he's part of. And when did they start calling it "shadow cast"? It was called, and rightly so!, the floor show when I was a feckless youth throwing toilet paper and rice in disreputable theaters. These kids, thinkin' they invented this stuff...

Oh, wait, no, I still have to finish the Dragon Ball costume for Isaac, Sam's bjd. Isaac's a Resin Soul Bao that I got for Sam about 5 minutes after he said "These dolls are cool, maybe I'll get a boy one sometime." The costume's easy, I'm just altering a suit from a larger doll action figure, and adding a blue shirt and socks.

Sam does his own costumes, much to his annoyance that at no point did I volunteer to do it for him, but I end up talking and guiding him through it anyway. Isaac, however, I'm costuming. I like sewing for dolls, and Isaac doesn't freak out in frustration or bitch about fittings and how long it takes to do something right.

I finally did get a Janome Sew Mini, though, because I'm never going to get anything done and saleable at the rate hand sewing takes. If I had to charge for the time, no one would be able to afford a simple t-shirt, as long as it takes me by hand. The decorative stuff will still be by hand, but I think inside seams can take machine stitching with little quibbling. We won't discuss the advancing arthritis in my fingers. Cleopatra, Queen of DeNial!

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