Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Responsive to an Officialmost Requestiment from Da Rightmost Officer Tiggy

We're going out!

missi apple suit 2

The girls 5/31/09 b

ivy holly suit 2

All totally hand sewn!


  1. Oh WOWZ! Tiggy and I are totally Impressifieds! Such wonderful outfits - and you made them all yourself! Wow! I Love your work! Tiggy is dancing, and I fear she is trying to come up with a reason for jail time to keep you stitching here LOL!!!!

    Hey- sent you and email w a link you may like, so check your gmail acct!

    LuV your dolly outfits! Nothing spices up a blog like frolicsome dolls in delightful outfits!

    Omg, I soooo wish I could sew! You are totally inspiring!

  2. *blushing* Thank you! I promise I'll take more pics. My photography skills aren't my best thing but I'll get on it, yes'm! I'll take a plea deal--house arrest, no jail time! ;D

    I love that last outfit--summer clothes, Xmas fabric. I love Xmas prints, I like to use them all year 'round! I made the matching scrunchy, too.

    You two made me smile Real Big!!


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