Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I guess it counts.

I helped my son Sam work on his costume for Tekkoshocon, so it wasn't a totally stitchless day. Still. *grumble* Dinner's already done, though, so the evening has promise. I'm in total denial about the dishes, tho, so sssshhhh.

I'm working on a flouncy yellow summer dress for Heather (Lasher Simply Alice), and I ended up with two Littlefee Bisous, a boy and a girl, so that size wardrobe needs major expansion, not to mention the Pukifees. AND I have teddies to finish to sell...oooh, and the purple cuddly bear for the trade with a knitting friend (she knits, I don't, hence the trade).

I'm actually busier at home than I was when I was a wage slave, and a lot more productive. Maybe my soul is growing back, after 16 years in Pitt Purgatory. I know I have a lot fewer headaches, and I don't grind my jaw in my sleep as much. My natural body clock is back on the 3:00 am to 10:00 am sleep schedule, which is A Good Thing, as I no longer need half a bottle of No-Doz just to make it to lunchtime. Kevin's staying up later as I do, which is a problem for him, as he needs to be at work by 8:30, and I don't want him dozing off in the Liberty Tubes. Or resenting me for sleeping later...

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